The Benefits of Bilingual Therapy

For most of us, making the choice to pursue therapy is a big deal. By the time you decide that therapy is the right next step for your personal, mental, and/or emotional growth, you have more than likely already considered numerous factors. Perhaps you have already started looking for a trusted therapist near you. You might narrow down your search for a therapist based on location, experience, personal referrals, health insurance coverage, specialty, availability, or a variety of other factors.

If you are bilingual, have you considered looking for a bilingual therapist in your search? Or did you know that was even an option? This type of therapy is extremely beneficial for bilingual individuals of all ages. Keep reading to learn more about bilingual therapy and its benefits.

What is Bilingual Therapy?

Bilingual therapy is exactly what it sounds like: therapy offered by a professional who is fluent in at least two languages. In the United States, one of those languages is typically English, and the other language might be Spanish, French, or any other language. When working with a bilingual therapist, individuals can choose to speak in their native language, their second language, or a mixture of the two.

According to a 2016 survey, only 10% of counselors in the United States were bilingual, making bilingual therapy hard to find for many individuals. While finding a bilingual therapist can be a challenge, the demand for them is growing. After all, as of 2022, more than one in five individuals in the United States speak a language other than English at home. We hope to see an increase in bilingual therapists in the coming years so that this kind of therapy is accessible to anyone looking for it.

If you are looking for a bilingual therapist in California or Nevada who speaks English and Spanish, contact Lucero Wellbeing today. We’d love to work with you.

The Benefits of Bilingual Therapy

There are many benefits to bilingual therapy, including increased understanding, increased comfort, and more effective sessions. Read about each one below.


When a therapist and patient speak the same two languages, they understand each other on a deeper level. Some words, ideas, and feelings don’t translate well across languages, making them hard to express to someone who speaks a different native language. So when a therapist and patient share the same native language, the patient can clearly communicate what they mean, and the therapist can have an accurate understanding of what they are conveying. Rather than language being a barrier, it serves as a tool that increases understanding.


Speaking in one’s native language is naturally comforting. At its core, your native language represents your identity, culture, family history, and so much more. Speaking it allows you to be your authentic self. Studies have shown that speaking one’s native language is associated with experiencing greater emotion. Conversely, speaking in a secondary language evokes less emotion. When patients have the option to speak in their primary language, they will be more comfortable and connected to their emotions.


Counseling sessions are more effective when individuals are comfortable and feel understood. Patients may be more prone to open up and share honestly when they can speak in their primary language. Working with a bilingual therapist can help individuals find their path to growth and mental health more quickly than working with a non-bilingual therapist.

Bilingual Therapy for Adolescents

Bilingual therapy is beneficial for bilingual individuals of every age, including adolescents. If your child is unsure of or nervous about therapy in general, finding a bilingual therapist is a great way to make them feel more comfortable. It gives them the freedom to speak in whichever language they prefer, express themselves in a way that accurately represents their feelings, and even switch between languages if they would like.

Bilingual Therapist in California and Nevada

Dr. Robles was born in Mexico and is proud of her heritage. A licensed psychologist in both Nevada and California, as well as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California, Dr. Robles has spent most of her life helping individuals and families find safe ways to improve their wellbeing. As a bilingual therapist, she works with both English and Spanish speaking individuals. If you are looking for a bilingual therapist in California or Nevada, Dr. Robles would be honored to work with you.

Therapy Services at Lucero Wellbeing

Lucero Wellbeing is a private practice that provides bilingual therapy (English and Spanish) to children, teenagers, and adults in California and Nevada, as well as in-person and telehealth mental health, career coaching, and psychological assessment services. As a bilingual and bicultural practice, cultural sensitivity is of the utmost importance to us. Contact us today to learn more about our bilingual therapy services and request an appointment.